Beyond Academics

Multicultural Activities

The quiz and consumer club has been started to keep the students up to date with quizzing and as it has now become very successful and popular. ECO club (Spread Peace, improve and conserve Environment). Karate Classes has been started for physical fitness and self-defences. These are other extra-Curricular activities like chess,yoga,Dance, Music, Art and Craft, scouts and Guides.

House meeting

The four house of our school is Kasturba, Sarojini, Laxmi and Meera. At the same time house meeting is conducted twice a year to foster healthy competition among students and make them aware about their houses and their contribution in the history. This system divides the student’s population into smaller groups, known as houses, which then compete against each other in various activities and events.

Campus Government

Nearly every school offers students the opportunity to participate in various types of campus governance. These groups range from general student government to residence hall government. Other options include academic judiciary committees and honor councils, both of which help campus administrators uphold campus rules.

Vaccination Camp

The vaccination campaign is being held to protect children against measles and rubella which are highly contagious viral diseases. It was two days vaccination camp, all children in the age group of 9 months to 15 years have got vaccination in school.

Dengue Awareness Drive:

Students from the secondary section took it upon themselves to spread awareness about dengue and clean the College Street Area to raise consciousness among the residents. They prepared banners, spoke to the locals, and cleaned the surroundings to get more people talking about the importance of cleanliness and dengue prevention. It was a delight to see young minds collectively working towards the betterment of our society.

Eco Club

We have an Eco club in school, it is a fantastic way to promote environmental awareness and sustainability among students. We organise events like clean up drives, tree planting, recycling programmes and educational workshops. We also organise field trips to local environmental sites.

Consumer Club

Consumer club in our school is a great way to educate students about consumer rights, responsibilities, and smart purchasing decisions.

Coth bag distribution

Our students with the help of teachers make cloth bags out of used cloths. These bags were distributed as an awareness campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags and save the environment. This drive has won Telegraph School Award for Social Awareness.

We are committed to success in every academic section