Pre-Primary Section:

Elementary learning is the first step towards primary education. At Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya, we utilise a child’s formative years to nurture creativity, and communication skills and ignite a passion for learning that continues in the later stages of their academic career. In the pre-primary section, we concentrate on enhancing their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical dexterities. Our pedagogy discourages rote learning and traditional lecture methods. 

In contrast, we use the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile (VAKT) approach to offer a comprehensive learning environment that caters to a student’s holistic development. Finally, through careful evaluation, we monitor every child’s progress and identify areas of improvement. Another key element of the pre-primary section’s pedagogy is the well-designed parent orientations and frequent PTMs that give the parents a clear purview of the academic course and their ward’s developmental objectives at this stage. The goal is to ensure active parental participation in the child’s education. 

Primary Section:

In the primary section, we introduce students to different subjects that are key for developing cognitive analytical and reasoning skills. We do not follow traditional lecture methods or rote learning. Instead, various engaging and interactive learning methods and materials are used, such as flashcards, charts, posters, PowerPoint presentations, models, etc. Trips and excursions are a vital part of the primary section’s pedagogy, where the children explore the outdoors and find the joys lying beyond the four walls of a classroom. Evaluation, parent orientation, and PTMs continue to be our priority for the primary section students’ overall growth. 

Secondary Section:

The secondary section’s pedagogy is designed to instil a deep understanding of the curriculum and prepare the pupils for the board exams. The goal is to not only equip the students for upcoming academic challenges but also enable them to choose the next step in their academic journey. At Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya, we believe learning should not only be concerned about scores. It should convert into deep-rooted knowledge that helps the students mindfully choose a career that aligns with their interests, abilities and purpose.

Higher Secondary Section:

After class XII, students leave the threshold of the school and step into the challenging outside world. At Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya, we devise the pedagogy for the higher secondary section considering this vital transformation that awaits our girls. While we follow the curriculum prescribed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, the teaching methods and the classroom environment encourage the students to be independent and hone their analytical and reasoning prowess. At Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya, we prepare our students to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

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