Extra-Curricular Activities


Yoga, an age-old practice, is proven to improve physical wellness and promote mental agility and peace. Every section- primary as well as secondary, has weekly yoga classes that enable them to unwind and find calm within. We have a yoga club under the guidance of Bengal Coach Sankari Sanati.


The school organises weekly Taekwondo classes to empower the students with self-defence skills and build strength.

Art & Craft:

Taking a break from textbooks, the children dive into the world of painting, sketching, stitching, and origami and unlock their creative juices!

Music & Dance:

Every week, our students tap into the artistic and expressive sides through music and dance classes. These classes enable the children to nurture their talents and pursue a new hobby.


Excursions and field trips are an important part of our pedagogy. We arrange enthralling trips in which students are taken to different locations. Such educational trips allow the student to see the world outside their books and learn under the blue sky amidst the real world.


At Seth Soorajmull Jalan Balika Vidyalaya, we reckon the importance of sports in holistic development and character building. Besides physical activity classes, we organize an annual sports day every year, where students from different schools come together and participate in energetic games. The fun-filled day witnesses sweet camaraderie and light-hearted banter between the teams and finally ends with a deep sense of team building and sportsman spirit. We value active participation from every student above all.

House Activities

In our school we have some engaging inter house activities, like quiz competitions, talent shows, debates and public speaking, dance competition, art and craft competition, science fares, cultural festivals and the likes. These activities helps in the holistic development of students.


Games classes (VI –X) are held on regular basis in school. Children paly Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho and the likes. It plays a very important role in physical health, mental health, social skills, discipline and responsibility of a child. Most important it helps in character building by imbibing qualities like perseverance, resilience as sportsmanship, which are valuable in both personal and professional life.

We are committed to success in every academic section