Academic Overview

Pre Primary and Primary Section

Elementary education is typically the first stage of formal education coming after pre school and before secondary education. Preprimary and primary education at SSJBV provides the learner with opportunities to acquire literacy, creativity and communication skills, enjoy learning and develop a desire to continue to do so. We aspire here to ensure broad based development of pupils to enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities, thus preparing them for the future, and inspiring them to be good and responsible citizens of our country. Our effective curriculum incorporates continuous monitoring and evaluation. It is a progressing and evolving curriculum which imbibes usage of AV aids and mind spark classes as a boost to the cognitive development and reasoning ability of the child. Trips and excursions are the pre-primary and primary child’s joyous exposure to the outside world. Continuous professional development through regular workshops is the key word for the staff of the pre-primary and the primary sections of SSJBV. Parent orientations are organized to aid the parents to get a clear insight into the academic purview of pre – primary and primary sections. Comprehensive and frequent PTMs are a hallmark of this section. We are proud of the supportive and caring ethos particularly in meeting the social, emotional and behavioural needs of the pupil.

Middle School

In Middle School we have created an engaging and interactive environment where students are challenged to be their best, encouraged to ask questions and are valued for who they are. For optimal learning and well being their developmental needs are suitably addressed through a common, comprehensive, academically oriented core curriculum. They are empowered with capacities of critical thought, effective communication and to develop the ability to make reasoned moral and ethical choices. With the use of student – centered resources like AV aids, teaching methods emphasize on active learning strategies which are consistent with the goals of the core curriculum and the developmental characteristics of young adolescents. Every student is also encouraged to develop a repertoire of study skills which stresses upon the goal of independent learning. Comprehensive understanding of the subject: To make the learning process move smooth and deep at the end of every class a student is asked to pen down the essential points they have understood on the subject taught in that particular class . This aids us to analyze a student’s level of understanding as well as how much conversant they shaped in a particular topic.

Secondary Section

Since its inception, the secondary section of SSJBV has been sincerely devoted to the pursuit of excellence and has empowered its students to meet the future challenges. Our team of dedicated academicians ensures that the children excel in all fields by cultivating both academic and athletic interests and aspirations among the students. Orientation programme and regular parent teacher meetings are held to keep the parents suitably informed about the recent and relevant changes in the WBBSE norms as well as the academic progress of the child. Constant counseling and monitoring, frequent remedial classes, problem solving sessions along with sample paper solving sessions help our students to attain 100% every year.

Higher Secondary Section

The higher secondary section is one of the most significant and indispensable parts of any school. It remains at the helm of the institution, the crowning glory of the school. SSJBV boasts of outstanding faculties who are not only erudite academicians but also highly experienced teachers, most of them being Board Evaluators and even Head Examiners. SSJBV commitment to inspire its students towards achieving excellence is reflected in the frequent remedial classes, doubt clearing sessions, repeated tutorial exams and sample paper solving sessions conducted by our dedicated team of meticulous teachers. We believe in the holistic development of the child and hence emphasize on learning in the lap of Nature through educational trips and excursions. Our students are also immensely benefitted by the regular career counseling sessions and workshops held at the school. Frequent Parent-Teachers Meetings are held by the school to keep the parents abreast of the academic progress of their child. Since its inception, SSJBV students have consistently displayed excellent academic performance and have frequently emerged toppers.

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